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M-F 8am-8pm CST

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We continue to ship our custom garters anywhere in the world, however, due to increased & fluctuating international shipping charges, we no longer ship international on anything other than our garters, sorry.


GARTERS by Color
Black Prom Garters
Black Lace, Black Satin, Black Leather, Black Marabou Feather

Blue Prom Garters
Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Island Blue, Ocean Blue, Turquois, Robins Egg Blue, Something Blue
Brown Prom Garters
Chocolate, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Tan
Green Prom Garters
Mint, Pistachio, Teal, Moss, Sage, Citrus, Lime Chartreuse, Hunter, Cactus
Ivory Prom Garters
Off White, Soft White, Cream, Candlelight
Orange Prom Garters
Orange, Copper, Mango, Peach
Pink Prom Garters
Light Pink, Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Shockig Pink, Fuschia, Coral, Magenta, Salmon, Breast Cancer Awareness Pink
Purple Prom Garters
Lavender, Lilac, Iris, Plum, Eggplant, Amethyst, Regal Purple, Royal Purple
Red Prom Garters
Red, Burgundy, Light Red, Christmas Red, Ruby Red
Yellow Prom Garters
Pale Yellow, Gold, Old Gold, Light Yellow, Bright Yellow
White Prom Garters
Traditional White

GARTERS by Theme
Animal Print Theme Wedding Garters
Leopard, Tiger, Cheetah, Pink Animal Print
Motorcycle Biker Theme Wedding Garters
Leather, Faux Leather, Chain, Leather & Lace
Camo / Camouflage Theme Wedding Garters
Green Camo, Hunting Camo, Camo & Lace, Camo & Sheer
Car Auto Racing Theme Wedding Garters
Nascar, Auto Racing, Racecar, Checkered Flag
Flag Theme Wedding Wedding Garters
Country Flags, USA Theme
Firefighter Theme Wedding Garters
Fireman, Fire Fighter, Red & White, Maltese Cross
Gambling Theme Wedding Garters
Vegas, Dice, Money
Green Bay Packer Theme Wedding Garters
NFL, Green & Gold, Back the Pack, Fan Garters
Homecoming Garters
Satin, Lace, Organza, Organdy, Marabou Feather, Football
Hunting Theme Wedding Garters
Camo, Deer, Buck
Leopard Print Theme Wedding Garters
Leopard, Tiger, Cheetah, Pink Animal Print
Military Theme Wedding Garters
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Patriotic, USA
Money Theme Wedding Garters
Vegas, Gambling, Dice
Motorcycle Theme Wedding Garters
Biker, Harley Enthusiast, Leather, Faux Leather
NASCAR Theme Wedding Garters
Auto Racing, Car Racing, Racecar, Checkered Flag
Patriotic Theme Wedding Garters
USA, Military, Red White & Blue, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
Police Theme Wedding Garters
Police Officer, Sargeant, Leutenant, Police Badge, Handcuffs, Deputy, Sheriff
Polka Dot Wedding Garters
Sheer Polka Dots, Satin Polka Dots, Sassy Polka Dots
Racing Theme Wedding Garters
Nascar, Auto Racing, Checkered Flag, Car Racing
Valentine Theme Wedding Garters
Cupid, Red Satin, Red Lace, Sweetheart, Sexy
Vintage Wedding Garters
Vintage, Shabby Chic, Heirloom, Rhinestone
Vegas Theme Wedding Garters
Money, Dice, Gambling
Wedding / Bridal Garters
Keepsake, Toss, Wedding Garter Sets, Traditional,, Themed Weddings, Something Blue
Western Theme Wedding Prom Garters
Fringed, Cowboy, Country

Black Homecoming & Prom Garters
Black Lace, Black Satin, Black Marabou
Blue Homecoming & Prom Garters
Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Robbins Egg
Green Homecoming & Garters
Lime Green, Chartreuse, Hunter Green, Sage Green
Ivory Homecoming & Prom Garters
Soft White, Candlelight, Off-White
Marabou Homecoming & Prom Garters
Fluffy Marabou, Poufy Feathers
Orange Homecoming & Prom Garters
Orange Sheer, Orange Satin
Pink Homecoming & Prom Garters
Shocking Pink, Hot Pink, Coral, Magenta, Fuchsia
Purple Homecoming & Prom Garters
Purple, Lilac, Regal Purple, Lavender, Eggplant
Red Homecoming & Prom Garters
Red Marabou, Red Lace, Red Satin
Rhinestone Crystal Homecoming & Prom Garters
Rhinestone, Crystal, Beaded
Sheer Homecoming & Prom Garters
Sheer Organdy, Sheer Marabou, Sheer Polka Dot
Sparkle Homecoming & Prom Garters
Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic, Garters that Glitter, Garters that Sparkle
Unique Homecoming & Prom Garters
Arm Band Garters, Themed Garters, Creative Garters
White Homecoming & Prom Garters
White Lace, White Satin, White Marabou
Yellow Homecoming & Prom Garters
Yellow Satin, Yellow Marabou, Yellow Lace

GARTERS by Style
Animal Print Garters
Arm Band Garters
Bridal Garters (Traditional)
Bridal Garter Sets
Bulk / Large Quantity Garters
Camo / Camouflage Garters
Clearanced / Discontinued Garters
Corporate Marketing Garters
Firefighter Wedding Garters
Genuine Leather Biker / Motorcycle Garters
Green Bay Packer Themed Garters
Homecoming Garters
Ivory Wedding / Bridal Garters
Marabou Feather Garters
Marketing Garters
NFL Sports Themed Garters
Police Wedding Garters / Bridal Garters
Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Garters
Satin Garters
Shabby Chic Garters
Sheer Garters
Silk Garters
Sparkle Prom Garters
Sports Themed Garters
Toss / Throw Away / Cheap Garters
Vintage Inspired Keepsake Garters
Wedding Garters - Traditional & Custom
Wedding Garter Sets
White Wedding / Bridal Garters
Wholesale Garters blog

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Please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for. We would be more than happy to customize a wedding / prom / homecoming garter, or keepsake garter set to fit your style and budget. YES, we welcome even the most creative, unique and unusual ideas and also work with your heirloom materials.

black satin & lace prom garter wholesale garters
Black Satin & Lace Metallic Prom Wedding Garter, Avail for Wholesale
black sparkle prom garter
Black Sparkle Tulle & White Organdy Marabou Prom Garter
vintage inspired rhinestone exquisite bridal garter
Vintage Inspired Rhinestone Beaded Heirloom Wedding Bridal Garter
royal blue and black marabou homecoming garter prom garter
Royal Blue Sparkle Homecoming Prom Garter
vintage inspired rhinestone exquisite bridal garter
Vintage Inspired Rhinestone Beaded Heirloom Wedding Bridal Garter
red & black metallic sheer prom garter
Red Sheer & Black Metallic Tulle Prom Garter
yellow & black mettalic sheer prom wedding garter
Yellow Sheer & Black Metallic Tulle Prom Garter
hot pink sequence & marabou prom garter
Hot Pink Satin, Metallic Scattered Sequence & Black Marbou Prom Garter
royal blue & white sheer prom or wedding garter
Royal Blue & White Sheer Prom Garter

fuchsia lace & black satin prom garter
Fuchsia Lace & Black Satin Garter

something blue wedding garter
Metallic Blue Satin & White Lace Garter
black satin prom garter
Black & Silver Metallic Sparkle Satin Garter
navy blue metallic polka dot prom garter
Navy Blue Metallic Polka Dot & White Marabou Garter
white sparkle wedding garter
White Sheer Iridescent & Satin Garter
magenta metallic polka dot prom garter
Magenta / Purple / Amethyst Metallic Polka Dot & White Marabou Garter
narrow black prom garter
Narrow Black Satin & Lace Metallic Bow Garter
coral & white marabou armband garter
Coral & Gold Metallic Embellished Satin & White Marabou Armband Garter
Gold Metallic Lame Armband Garter
Black Marabou & Gold Metallic Lame Armband Garter
Silver Metallic Lame Toss Garter
Silver Metallic Lame & White Marabou Armband Garter
purple satin garter
Purple All Satin Garter With Metallic Purple & Lavender Ribbons & Bow
coral satin garter
Coral & Metallic Gold Embellished Satin Garter
ivory iridescent bridal garter
Ivory Sheer Iridescent & Satin Garter
regal purple satin garter
Regal Purple All Satin Garter with Lavender Sparkle Bow
purple & white lace garter
White Lace and Purple Satin Garter With Lavender Metallic Ribbon
coral wedding garter set
Coral & Gold Metallic Embellished Satin & White Marabou Garter Set
red sequence satin garter
Red Satin & Sequence Sparkle Wedding Prom Valentine or Christmas Garter With Black & Red Ribbon Accents

copper metallic organdy & marabou prom garterCopper with metallic sparkle sheer organdy & black marabou prom garter

ivory sheer wedding garter
Ivory Sheer & Satin Wedding Bridal Garter,
Wholesale & Quantity Discounts Available.
white sheer wedding bridal garter
White Sheer & Satin Wedding Bridal Garter,
Wholesale & Quantity Discounts Available.
breast cancer awareness themed garters wholesale
Breast Cancer Awareness Themed Garter with Crystal Accent,
Wholesale & Quantity Discounts Available.
shocking pink & silver metallic prom garter
Shocking pink satin sparkle garter
custom color lace bridal wedding garter set
Silver Metallic & White Lace Custom Wedding Garter Set
metallic black sheer organdy prom garter
Black Satin & Silver Sparkle Metallic Sheer Prom Garter
purple sparkle prom homecoming garter
Regal Purple & Black Sheer Organdy w/Metallic Silver Sparkle Prom Garter
magenta pink animal print & black marabou garter
Magenta & Black Satin Animal Print Theme Garter
coral satin sparkle garter
Coral Pink Mango Orange Double Cased Satin Shimmer Garter
red metallic polka dot prom garter
Red Metallic Polka Dot & White Marabou Garter
patriotic sheer red white blue garter
Patriotic Sheer White With Crystal & Navy Blue Satin Garter
rhinestone crystal keepsake wedding prom bridal garter with prom 2013 ribbon tails
Rhinestone Crystal Accented Silver Sheer Organza Swirl and White Marabou Garter. Personalized Prom 2014 Ribbon Tails
wholesale garters with imprinted ribbon tails & corporate logo
Royal Blue Marabou Prom Garter with Metallic Blue Bow & Entwined Hearts Charm. Wholesale & Quantity Discounts Available.
wholesale garters with imprinted ribbon tails & corporate logo
Silver & White Prom Garter with Entwined Hearts Charm. Wholesale & Quantity Discounts Available.

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